When Art Seeks Understanding: The Billboard as a Meeting Point

The objective of this project is to investigate the role and perception of art in the public sphere: generating new ways for artists to reach out to the society and to produce a further benefit of understanding art within contemporary society more broadly. With this project we hope to stimulate the general public interest in art and artists interest in the opinion of the general public.

We believe that art is a communicative practice that contributes to the flourishing of the members of a community as a whole. Here the point of art is not restricted in its ability to ‘reach out’ to something that exists in a super-sensible realm, but in its role in promoting communication, reflection, self-awareness and, at the end of the day, humanity. Without obliterating the special means, methods of expression and form possessed by art, this view makes out of art as public good, whose enjoyment pertains not only to the artist or a limited circle of connoisseurs but to the community as a whole.

The meeting points between artistic meaning and everyday life could be strengthened by the fact that the artwork be disseminated in public spaces and perceived and interpreted by public. Art can encourage communication between diverse social groups, it might be socially engaged, and/or offer a critique on society.

Billboards are very powerful tool of communication in the contemporary society; they are situated in the most prominent places in the cities, constantly disseminating messages. They are used and seen mainly as commercial display, but their communicative quality could be equally used in different way.  Being a part of street furniture they could carry art objects and benefit culture. Collaboration with billboard companies gives us the opportunity to reach broad audience and can bring novel ideas about presentation and dissemination of art.