The students of the fine Art Academy of Antwerp will investigate how the passengers perceive artworks, how these artworks transform in public space and how and what they communicate with the audience. They will get in touch with the general public by conversations, interviews, they will observe and document the response of the public towards the artworks.    

 The students of the architectural program of the University of Antwerp, Faculty of Design Sciences will conduct a location research in which they investigate the physical and social space of the sites where the selected billboards are located. The location research is presented to the artists of the billboards which invites them to respond in a more informed way to a specific site.

They will  investigate the influence of art in the billboards on the particular sites. By means of a visual analysis, diverse mapping methods, a photographic report , video-montages and enquiries with passengers-by and key informants, they want to reveal how the specific public spaces change and if the number of (social) interactions increases at these spaces.

The final results of this research will be presented in an exhibition at the fall of 2016.