The Billboard Project was established in October 2007. Fifty original artworks of different Belgian and international artists were exhibited in the center of Antwerp. These artworks were placed in Agrafa and AC Billboards. The duration of the exhibition was one week.It was presented to the public as Insight and was followed by an opening journey through the exhibition.
Two years later, in July 2009 the Billboard Project was launched again, this time as Artist Statement and Communication‘ AC Billboards offered nine double sided billboards to the artists in one of the most prominent streets in Antwerp, the Schoenmarkt. During the placing of artworks in billboards the passengers manifested a great deal of interest in what was going on.
In year 2011 the Billboard Project seemed to be more than just an open air exhibition.We became interested in the way the general public perceives the artworks that were constantly changing, depending on the time of the day, the light and the viewer.
In 2016 The Billboard became The Meeting Point, where artists, fine art students, architecture students and public could meet and contribute to understanding of art. Artists were invited to exhibit a number of original artworks in street billboards on different locations in the city of Antwerp. The students of the University of Antwerp and Fine Art Academy were invited to conduct a location research, investigate the physical and social space sites where the artworks were located, observe the reactions of the public, interview them and collect data for further analyses.