When Art Seeks Understanding: The Billboard As A Meeting Point


The Billboard Project was established in October 2007. Fifty original artworks of different Belgian and international artists were exhibited in the center of Antwerp. These artworks were placed in the Artfiche and AC Billboards. The duration of exhibition was one week. The exhibition was supported by the Antwerp City Library and the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen. It was presented to the public as ‘Insight‘ and was followed by an opening journey through the exhibition. It had a very positive response from the public and the passengers that have experienced the billboards in a new way. Two years later, in July 2009 the Billboard Project was launched again. This time as ‘Artist Statement and Communication‘. AC Billboards offered nine double sided billboards to the artists in one of the most prominent streets in Antwerp, the Schoenmarkt. During the placing of artworks in billboards the passengers showed a great deal of interest in what was going on. The artworks have created a positive atmosphere in the street. Something different was happening. In the year 2011 the Billboard Project seemed to be more than just an open air exhibition. We became interested in the way the general public percived the artworks and in their opinion about art in general. The artworks were changing constantly, depending on the time of the day, the light and the viewer….

THE Billboard Project TEAM: 2016

Sanja Tomic
Project leader
Visual Artist and Printmaking Teacher at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp. The Billboard Project developer since 2007…..
Natali Sarkisyan
Project leader
Visual Artist and Billboard Project developer since 2015…..
Moussa Faye
Project advisor
Entrepreneur and Billboard Project developer since 2007….
Els De Vos
Research leader
Prof. dr. ir.arch. Els De Vos PhD, MSc Eng Architecture, MSc Urbanism & Planning Henry van de Velde research group.
Tine Poot
Research leader
Tine Poot is a Phd Candidate| The Public Interior Faculty of Design Sciences| Henry Van de Velde research group|Interior architecture University of Antwerp …..
Thomas Bosmans, Chen Sarah, De Beir Vincent, De Dobbeleer Sam, De Roeck Alex, Hauquier Kimoura , Van Gool Siel
Camille Truyffaut, Olga Suveizdyté-Claes, Oscar Claus, Malik Carael, Stijn ter Braak, Anna Karoliina Multas, Jonne Nurmela, Ines Lukannen, Dawid Wojtalewicz, Aleksandra Majzel, Olivia Karelina, Napisa Leelasuphapong

Participating Artists: 2016

Jasmina Fekovic - Andy Wauman - Philip Aguirre Y Otegui - Ivan Willemyns - Ingrid Ledent - Sanja Tomic - Joke Raes - Natali Sarkisyan - Spank Moons & Zeno Moons - Miljan Vukicevic - Koenraad Claes - Maika Garnica - Ief Spincemaille - Denitsa Todorova - Nick Andrews - Nadia Naveau - Julio Varela Moyano - Bram Van Meervelde - Yiannis Papadopoulos - Filip Collin

Latest news

from 18/04 until 24/04 20 original artworks will be exhibited in Agrafa billboards at different locations in Antwerp. During the exhibition the impressions of the audience will be observed and documented by a group of students researchers from UA Architecture and KASKA Fine Art. The public will be approached for a short conversation and interviews in order to hear about their perception of the artworks. The purpose of this meeting is to start a dialogue between the artist and the general public and understand how they perceive each other in the open public space. ARTISTS AND LOCATIONS: Andy Wauman - Falconplein______Koenraad Claes - Falconplein_____ Ief Spincemaille - Entrepotkaai_____ Maika Garnica - De Coningplein_______ Natali Sarkisyan - De Coningplein_______ Bram Van Meervelde - Dageraadplaats_______ Filip Collin - Dageraadplaats_______ Spank Moons and Zino Moons - Astridplein_______ Denitsa Todorova - Keyserlei_______ Miljan Vukicevic - Keyserlei_______ Philip Aguirre Y Otegui - Keyserlei_______ Jasmina Fekovic - Oever_______ Yiannis Papadopoulos - Oever_______ Ingrid Ledent - Scheldestraat_______ Ivan Willemyns - Scheldestraat_______ Nadia Naveau - Scheldestraat_______ Nick Andrews - Scheldestraat_______ Joke Raes - Leopold De Waelplaats_______ Julio Varela Moyano - Leopold De Waelplaats____________________ We are looking forward to meet you there !